4 Funky Home Decor Ideas To Dazzle Any Room

Wow … here are four funky home decor styling ideas that we have found that we like to share with the funky thinking geeks. You will great home decor ideas like space saving bookshelves, rustic yet funky home decor furniture and a funky stair case!

1. Bookshelves By the Corner

funky home decor

Source – Pinterest

Whether you have a big or small living room or any room, this is a great way to save space with this space saving yet funky home decor trick.

2. Funky Home Decor Stairs

diy home decor

Source – The Meta Picture

What an awesome idea to give your home staircase that different twist. A real talking point for any guests who pops by your home.

3. Reclaimed Side Table

home decor

Source – Anthropologie

This sidetable is made from reclaimed wood and it give off a rustic yet funky home decor.

“…coffee table was crafted from the reclaimed wood of a circa 1900 Dutch fishing boat, ocean-washed designs still intact. Its substantial, storm-weathered aesthetic and sturdy proportions will continue to stand the test of time””” – Anthropologie

4. Funky Home Decor Bedroom
funky home decor

Source – Pinterest

What a wonderful way to make your own bed frame! The Bed frame is made out of wood and for storage you use box crates which the entire frame gives it a nice chic country home decor yet funky feel.

Ready to try these 4 unique funky home decor ideas today?