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Welcome! We are a small team of 2 savvy minded ladies (Joelle and Lisa) who wants to give our knowledge, tips, mistakes and joy for a sound home decor plan.  We started this site because we can do what we love and enjoy –  a bit of everything about home decor.  Without a doubt, both of us are self professed home decor (and dessert) junkies.

We only decided to put this together because we just wanted to share what we found and how the ideas that bare fruit inspired our room styling. And with the encouragement of our family, we gave it a shot and here you are. Thank you!!!

Without question the internet, especially sites like Pinterest and Google provides a treasure trove of wonderful and creative ideas for home decor and other niches. And the time we spent on Pinterest (and Google) have led us to so many room styling inspirations …. and girl, did we had fun … and often led us to amazing weekend room makeover projects with our young family!

So if you are tired of the current state of your room decor … and simply looking to give the room or the home that much needed fresh, and sparkling decor, we are sure that there will be some creative ideas found here.   From the DIY decorating, rustic home decor, shabby chic decor, modern decor to the vintage decorating, you will find a variety of transformations and tips to inspire your creative mojo! 

Our objective here it to arm you with the best information to arm our fellow home decor enthusiasts with ideas to truly turn a property into a comfortable, warm home to live, breathe and sleep in.

In2HomeDecorIdeas.com is loaded with useful home decor designs and tips to inspire your next dream room … and we will try to provide regular blog posts on home decor trends every month … and provide you with refreshing and striking home decor ideas.

We have partnered up to only provide handy information.

Please note that the information posted throughout the site are of a general nature. It is for educational purpose only and not intended to provide any professional advice. For more complex home decor design please consult a professional for advice.

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