DIY Home Decor Ideas on Styling a Room With Colourful Prints

Colors, colors, colors. A nice chosen paint color and a creative wall print can make a happy home! Hence it is important, especially for a family home that you choose the colors that you love and can relax into. Whether it is the color on the big bare wall or a painting you will frame and hang up, choose wisely and have fun with it, and most of all make a statement to the rooms and the overall home decor.

If you have kids, why not get the entire family together to choose and get some prints done for the family room and kid’s bedroom. And if is for the adults, get your creative juice going for some funky wall art to bring more life to your room.

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Here’s a great article by the Better Homes And Garden team that will help you make great choices on prints and color to create more fun and coziness to your family home decor.

Top 5 tips on styling a room with colourful prints

A little bit of colour goes a long, long way! Whether summer or winter (or anything in-between), a colourful print can breathe some new life into a space and you can have some fun by deliberately working with or against the dominant colours in the room. Here are 5 top tips for decorating using wall art…

Group them. Different sizes and different styles tell a story that works when they are purposely put together. I love doing this with my art, and listening to children tell the story of their walls is a little bit magic.

Use masking tape on your walls first to see where they will sit – this will save you a lot of holes in the wall!

Have fun with the different colours but tie in the art with pops of colour in your furnishings such as a cushion, a throw rug etc. I love a throw over the bedspread that complements the colours in your art.

If you have a big bare wall, go with a statement piece – it has a stunning effect. Be sure to have the centre of the art piece at eye height. You want impact, you have to have it at the right height to feel the WOW.

If you want the room to feel fabulous each time you enter – select pieces you love. It is an extension of you and you are surrounded by it every day so make sure it makes YOU feel great and YOU love what you are looking at. The Little Rae Prints I hang in my children’s rooms makes us feel like we are enveloped in warmth and magic when we enter.

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