DIY Home Decor Ideas – Use House Plants For Your Home

Nothing can spruce up a house and the home decor like plants and flowers. You can use natural plants or artificial ones depending on how much time you can devote to their upkeep and maintenance. If you are a particularly busy person who travels a lot you may want to go for artificial plants because all they need is an occasional wash.

However if natural plants are more appealing to you, you will have to set up a watering regimen for them or hire somebody to take care of it for you. Besides the aesthetical value of plants, there are other benefits to making plants a part of your home décor. The biggest advantage of natural indoor plants is that they act as Mother Nature’s air purifiers.

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The type of plants that you choose should depend on the décor of your house, the space available and the height of the room. The good thing is that plants suit all colors so you won’t have to go through the added hassle of matching them to the wall color or the other accessories.

Flowering plants are perfect for living rooms, since they are usually small they can be accommodated in various places like dining tables, fireplace mantels, window panes, desks etc. Popular varieties include orchids, violets ( African) and Anthuriums. If you want to use a plant in a room with a low ceiling you should opt for slender small plants that will make the ceiling appear high. A nice touch for a lovely home decor.

On the other hand, if you want to add a natural touch to an otherwise well furnished room use a bushy plant like a Ficus in one of the empty corners. You can also use plants successfully to create the illusion of space by placing them next to a window.

If you have children or pets at home consult with the plant nursery owner before buying a plant since many varieties are poisonous if ingested. Natural or artificial plants can be used with pots available in different textures and materials to produce a more pronounced effect.

Large or tall plants go very well with terracotta pots while smaller plants look good in ceramic pots. If you want to use more than one plant in your living room and intend to place them next to each other always do so in a symmetry starting with the smallest and gradually leading to the tallest.

It would look disproportionate to place a 5 feet plant next to a 2 feet shrub. You may want to minimize the height disparity by creating a platform for the smaller plant.

Plants can be used in all parts of your home and add natural colors to the home decor. You can use them in your bathroom to create a spa like ambience or make a small herb bed in the kitchen. House plants can last you for years if well cared for. So, it is important to keep them well nourished and clean at all times to get the best results, which adds a nice warm touch to the your home decor.

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