Easy Home Decor Kitchen Ideas for Organization

This is a fun home decor project for the kitchen – organizing to save space! No matter how big or small a kitchen is, there’s always not enough space to store all those necessary (and unnecessary) kitchen items and foods. And if everything is sorted out nicely, cooking and preparing the meals will be more enjoyable. Well, we have scoured the web and found a couple of affordable and simple small kitchen ideas to make more space from the pantry, cabinets and even under the kitchen sink!

Below are 5 easy and cheap kitchen ideas to take advantage of every available space and organise the kitchen with little time and effort for a nice kitchen decor.

1. DIY Pull-Outs

Here’s an easy kitchen idea from Everyday Organising – it requires no extra shelves but a simple plastic storage containers/bins which acts as as pull out storage. You can take it further and categorise your kitchen items and label each group of items! Nice kitchen decor.

2. Reuse a Magazine Rack

If you have cling wrap, aluminium foil, baking paper, then you know that these long boxes needs to be stored somewhere conveniently. Guess what, they fit perfectly in a magazine rack. Simple install a mesh metal rack inside a kitchen cupboard and presto, you have a convenient space for these long boxes and best yet, there stay hidden but easily accessible! What a unique kitchen idea to save more space!!

3. Stacking Shelves

Make full use of the cabinet and pantry space using those stacking shelf organisers. You will be amazed at how much extra space you can create for your cupboards. This is especially useful for small kitchens!

4. Wall Storage For Pantry

Here’s another great way to make more space out of a cramp pantry – why not apply velcro command strips (3M) to the back of sink caddies and stick it to the wall of the pantry! It will be a great storage space for small kitchen items like your herbs and spices, soup packs, various condiment packs, and more .

5. Under the Sink Rod

Whether you love them or loathe them, everyone has some kind of chemical spray bottle(s) under the sink. Well, here’s another great kitchen idea to free up some cramp space and as well provide easy access to the spray bottles by using a tension rod. Aside from spay bottles, you can hang the kitchen gloves too!

Five really cheap and simple home decor kitchen decor ideas to find more space for your kitchen. As you can see, it will take little time and effort in pulling it together for a bigger room space from the kitchen pantry, cabinets and under the kitchen sink!

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