Home Decor Ideas For Your Child’s Bedroom

Ok, this is fun home decor project – you want to give the kid’s bedroom decor a updo with a bit of color and more. Decorating you child’s bedroom can be a lot of fun particularly if you involve him/her in the whole process. So start chatting with your child and get their thoughts and likes for their dream bedroom. You will see both the joy and the child’s personality shine. By getting them involved in the whole process with input and output on decorating, it makes it a family activity and a room that your child will love retreating to. Best of all, create a wonderful home decor retreat.

Bedroom Decor Colors

But what if your child’s taste in color and decoration is kinda left of centre? The best course of action would be give it a “If, then” approach. So if your child wants an outlandish dark color like black, then place white furniture or bright artwork for contrast. Plus involve the child to paint the wall.

Its passé to use blue for boys and pink for girls besides the shades that you use can actually impact your child’s mood and behavior. For instance earthy tones will have a calming effect on a hyper active child while a vibrant yellow will energize a shy child.

Color therapy is a potent and effective science and it should be incorporate while choosing a color for your child’s bedroom decor. Try using gloss paint which is easily washable. Alternatively you could also use chalk paint at least on one wall which can be used as a painting surface.

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If you are using a bright color restrict it to only one wall. A cheap yet interesting option to decorate the ceiling is to use glow in the dark stars preferably with a rotating lamp strategically placed to give the effect of outer space.

A Theme For a Kid’s Bedroom Decor

Here’s a simple home decor tip – A kid’s bedroom should be centered around his/her favorite theme. This is the area that your child will use to play, read and study, since it’s not just a sleeping place it should be appropriate for all the activities that he/she wants to indulge in and should ideally be multi functional. Talk to your child about his or her favorite theme for the right bedroom decor.

You can easily get cut outs of favorite cartoon characters or toy figurines to decorate the walls. Children dislike plain walls so instead of them messing up the walls you might as well add something interesting to them yourself. You can make or buy stencils of animals, action heroes etc to paint the walls.

Another home decor idea is to hang their favourite pieces of their artwork, photos on the walls. So buy picture frames and add their drawings, photos, and pictures and frame it up. It’s the little connections that make it really special for the child.

As well, you can have a small space or corner in the room where the child can relax. One way to do this is by adding a little teepee to give it their own cubby house escape to play or read. A cute home decor.

Kid’s Bedroom Decor – Choosing The Right Curtains

Avoid long drapes in a child’s room. The best choice would be short curtains or blinds. The fabric used for the curtains should match the pillow cases, bed ruffles and lamp shades in terms of color and pattern. Here again you can get creative with a sewing machine and incorporate a favorite cartoon character. You can also buy themed comforters and pillow cases from most toy shops.

There should be a lot of emphasis on storage space in a child’s room so you will need a closet with substantial storage space and shelves but that would just take care of the clothes. Apart from this you can add extra shelves for toys and books, large baskets which can be decorated by you and your child for clothes or toys and colorful transparent plastic containers for stationary. You will also need to place a desk in the room.


Lighting is another aspect that will need careful planning as it will vibe to the bedroom decor. The child’s room will need ample of lighting for study time, soothing lights for play time and a night light for nap time. Covered lamps are the safest for a child’s room. The popular themes that can used without spending too much are fish aquarium, Barbie house, Outer space, Harry Potter, Dragons or Dinosaurs, Race cars, airplanes and the jungle.

Most of the things that you will need are easily available at Wal-Mart or a dollar shop for home decorating. All you need is some time on your hands and lots of creativity to give your child a bedroom decor that he will cherish for years to come.

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