Ideas For Teen Girl Bedrooms

Most, if not all young teenage girls have dreams of their own personal room to call it her own space. However, getting a nice integrated design for a teenage girl’s bedroom can be daunting.

Possibly you have a near complete idea that is missing one integral piece that will lift the room from “nice” to “amazing”, or maybe you have chosen a great piece to design the bedroom around the theme but have gone blank on how to blend with that piece.

Whether it is finding inspiration for a complete bedroom makeover or looking for that final answer to link the room together, the suggestions below will have something to ponder on.

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We have carefully selected five teen girl bedroom ideas to grab any teenager’s fancy, and hopefully it is what you have been searching for to design and decorate a bedroom that your teen girl will cherish!

1. Fairy Light Drapes

This is a nice touch of simplicity with fairy lights. Inside the sheer drapes are little bulbs that twinkles which gives a bedroom a lovely feel to the space and decor.

The lovely glow will help set a comfy mood and brighten a room without overdoing it. As well the delicate decorative will blend well with any decorative style. The white drapes provides warmth, and oozes a comfortable radiance that will change a bland room into a lovely wonderland.

2. Recycled Old Doors

Here is a nice style. This shabby old chic, yet one of a kind mirror was hand-crafted from an old wooden door and turned into a useful mirror frame. So why not look around for an old discarded door, refurbish it into unique mirror piece. For one, it will be much less expensive than a similar antique door or an antique inspired item.

3. Big Letters For a Funky Home Bedroom Decor

Here’s a simple way to get a statement piece – buy those large burnished brass letter creations. It will literally draw your eye to them. When combined with earthy elements like a flower wreath or a faux bird’s nest, the metallics and natural items creates an interesting pairing that is quite appealing.

Try hanging it over the dresser, which will give it a charming focal point. On top of the dresser place metallic and natural items, like for example silver alarm clock or a tree trunk stand to give it more of a ‘wow’ factor.

4. Cozy Corner

Create a soft, cozy corner space where your teen girl can escape to relax and read a book in comfort or chat with friends on the cell phone.

One idea is to create a nice rounded curtain rod with long drapes. Additionally, you can hang paper flowers from the ceiling and pillows with a metallic accent look to give it a chic vibe. As well for more coziness add a soft snuggly rug for more intimate privacy for your teen girl to enjoy, relax and de-stress.

5. Fairy Lights For Nice Bedroom Decor

An old idea but a good one – why not fairy lights to provide some charm and soft lighting to the bedroom wall. Hang the fairy lights on the wall and display a few of pictures and personal photos to make the bedroom more beautiful and personal. No frames needed for the photos!

Five easy and simple ideas to decorate any teen girl bedrooms.

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